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As grading returns to pre-pandemic standards, many U.S. students are failing. Much of Europe, though not Germany, begins easing lockdowns before the end-of-year holidays.

U.S. coronavirus infections shoot past 13 million, even as millions ignore Thanksgiving travel warnings.

General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wis., on Wednesday. Despite strong warnings from the C.D.C., millions of Americans opted to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday by…

I am an evangelical who happens to be White. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. According to recent expressions of “opinions” in your newspaper, I am ignorant, anti-intellectual, racist — even a White supremacist. There are likely some Trump supporters who could be so characterized. The White…


Availability of longitudinal body weight (BW) records allows the application of nonlinear models (NLINM) to predict phenotypic and genomic

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